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Oct 23, 2008
Bad experiences with sellers ..........


this thread has been started to chronicle experiences of members during purchase of hi-fi equipment.
Anybody who has bad experience. likes to warn others. or just write it down are welcome to do so.

PLEASE STICK TO FACTS. Dont make generalised remarks.

This experiences apply to
all dealers in various cities ,
sellers on this forum,
service centers etc etc..
even grey market.

This thread was started because people were posting their complaints in individual threads of other sellers who were not the culprits.

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After first purchase,
So I have learnt :

1) Do your homework. Go thorugh this forum and posts. Identify model numbers and their features.

2) Take prices from 2-4 dealers .. even call other city dealers to get price.

3) Dont be in a hurry to close the deal.

4) And get a bill and warranty unless you have specifically asked for a grey market piece.

5) Find out who is autho. dealer and distributor.

Beware of sellers who say :

1) I am giving you a nice deal and great discount.
2) Close the sale now or the offer will go.
3) I will get it for you very cheap from grey market.
4) There is no need of warranty these pieces last 10-12 years without problem.
5) I can't give you a demo ( even though i have it in my godown/other customers).
6) There will be a separate (significant ) charge for installation. ( even though no drilling etc may be needed).
7) I can't come to your house to inspect and suggest.
8) You pay half amount and you will get the delivery by end of this week or at most next week. ( we are left waiting for 15 days)
9) The advance is non-refundable ,
you can't cancel the order.
10) You can't change your order to some other model.

I say not all dealers are cheats or frauds but it is wise to be on safe side and exercise caution.
With good study and knowledge and backup of such forums we can make satisfactory deals.

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Hi Bazee, Its a very nice idea of sharing bad experience with all the forum members. Re your post:I think it would be better if you mention the name of that dealer who sold you that avr otherwise no use of this thread.
Thanks for the post.

You have probably missed mentioning the name of the dealer/seller.
1) Have as many auditions as possible
2) Finalize from a speciality dealer - but buy from mass market dealers - like Croma,Vijay Sales,Ezone etc.
3) do not expect any knowledge from mass merchant sales person
4) have options ready ( marantz agains Denon against Yamaha)
5) Get all the info from net - also on google find out if there are any problems in perticular model / series.
6) Find out about odd ( even regular) companies too.( Why? - Some companies ... even good brands going bankrupt. 4-5 years back Kenwood came out of AV line and started concentrating only on Car Audio. Their AV & stereo gear was available at very good price. Now it is indivisuals choice if he want to take the risk..... and also price need to be really good.
7) Some of them have diplay pieces to offer. If the price is right it turn out to be a good deal . Now always take a counter brand new piece quote from other dealer to see how much discount you are getting
8) Take your source material to test.Also mass market demonstrators are unaware about HDMI, Componant out , DTS , S Video Etc.Many times they do not have required cables ..also source material is lousy - once I asked for music demo and he gave me on ripped MP3 - top 50 by Himieeeesh -- kind of disk!
9)Some used sellers give out of the world story - like " Bose Speakers ---- do you want to hear???" " you know what brand X is? Do not compare brand y against it!"For buying used find its US $ price . Also brand new price in stores . Right now prices sometimes drop like anything and used seller is unaware about price drop.Sometimes he is honest and shows you old invoices . Do not judge used price on the basis of that.
10) Do not conside discounts on the basis of printed price. In electronics mrp sticker price is far HIGHER than actual offer price.

Happy Listening , Watching & Enjoying..


This post is seriously useful...

I just would like to edit one of your point, about the grey market product...
Though i do the same only for Projectors, so only will state on tht basis..

Most projectors comes with one year manufacturing warranty, and 6 months bulb warranty...
But, there is a lot of difference in same buying from grey...
for example, take Hitachi PJTX300 and Panasonic AX200...

Both are priced @ Rs.1.2L MRP...

But both are available in grey for Rs.76-78K...

And in case of projectors, there bulb is the most expensive, and the only regular product to go bad...
And in tht difference you can buy atleast 2 lamps, of the projectors, that is almost 6000 hrs more...

And atleast in my case, what i have observed is just one case in with bill projectors, and 2 in without bill projector, of being in need of service within one year...

So i prefer projector in grey...

And second point is regarding the advance amount...
That is mostly done in the case of special products...
As, as a importer i know, what all ****in problems these custom officers play...
They delay the products, consiously, to get there pockets filled...
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