Brand new Sony ps3 for sale


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Aug 18, 2007
Dear All,
I just came from the UK tagging along with me a sony PS3 40GB (included is a six axis wireless controller)

All the while, i was inclined more toward a dedidated BD player (and my friend got me the samsung BDP1500)

This PS3 is absolutely new and unused. It was purchased on the 8 sept and i took delivery on the 12th of sept.

So, i need to sell my PS3 as i need the cash to fund for my receiver.

Couple of things:
1. I got the PS3 in my hand baggage, therefore it does not have original box packaging.

2. This is the UK model, so the dvd would be region 2 and the blu ray would be region B (not sure on this)

3. I am in bangalore and ideally i would want somebody to collect it from me in bangalore. Mailing and parcels are no-no. ( it will also help me meet and make friends with fellow hifivisioner)

4. The best price wins. However if i get an unreasonably less quote from all, I will not sell this.

5. As this is an import, there is no India guarantee.

6. The price for this is product is available in sony india website. Note that the wireless controller is listed as an accessory and is priced extra.

Do let me know if I have missed out on any other inputs which you might require.
Please PM me.
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