budget 2008

The only change for the electronics goods will be a result of the decrease in the peak Customs duty from 35 per cent to 30 per cent.

The reduction in peak Customs duty from 35 per cent to 30 per cent will provide marginal benefit in terms of products that are imported and sold in the country such as high-end refrigerators, fully automatic washing machines and high-end colour televisions like plasma and LCD tv's.

The reduction in the peak rate of customs duty from 10% to 5% on convergence products like MP3 players, etc should lead to manufacturers passing on this benefit to consumers , thereby improving the affordability of MP3 players .
I was talking to someone in ARN ystems (Bangalore) yesterday, for a project turntable .
They have posponed all imports for a few weeks to avail the benefits of the reduction in price due to duty cuts.

Sharad thats a really common phenomenon. Guess its logical if the costing of the product could change.These guys stop placing orders in early Feb itself.
Incidently last night on CNBC they announced that the price of Plasmas and LCD s would remain unchanged and would not be lowered!!!!!!!! Didnt catch the entire show. Any idea why not as peak duties are reduced?

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