Budget build 5.1 surround sound system


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Jun 5, 2017
Hi guys!

I bought 55" CX today and have decided to set up a budget home theatre setup. To be honest, I am a complete noob in his regard. I thought the Sony HT40 sound system was fantastic lol and then some one in this forum mentioned that it was crap which led me in the search of a decent HT setup.

I have read so much in the last 3 weeks but I still feel way too overwhelmed with information and I can't seem to pinpoint what I want just by reading through the specs. So I would want the expert suggestions from this forum members.

I had decided to go for Yamaha 3072 as it was under my budget of 50k. I was so naive that I thought I can have a decent HT setup in 30k. When I realised that the basic HT setup starts at 40k. I did a demo of Yamaha 1840 since 3072 wasn't available and was happy with the performance but I thought 3072 would be better because of active subwoofer and other audio format support.

My expectation is to enjoy a cinematic experience while watching movies and while playing PS4/5 games. I don't listen to music often on TV. As of now I want a 3.1 setup and would like to add surround speakers later when my budget permits.

My questions are
1. Should go for the HTIB package of Yamaha 3072 at INR 45k?
2. Should I just buy 3072 AVR or any good AVR and then add speakers separately? I saw good reviews for Polk T15 for Left and right and Polk T30 for center channel.
3. Any other suggestions from you guys are all also welcome as I don't know much about AVRs.
4. Please suggest a subwoofer if you suggest me to buy parts individually.

I don't want Dolby Atmos and won't use it for sure in the near future. I want a decent 3.1 system immediately within a budget of 50k (If it is possible) and I will add surround speaker in the future.

Please help me out.
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