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Budget setup < 27K INR, PJ - Egate P531 (1280x800)

Marantz offers at HiFiMART.com


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Nov 4, 2009
Yes, the text is clear enough to read from 10 feet distance.

The speakers system is 4.1 and not a surround sound. (Sony SA-D10)
So, we have kept them all in the front.
I definitely agree, this is just a basic setup, but works well - for now :D

Any suggestions?
Ok fine.. Nope.. At best you can re-use the satellite as surrounds & suuround back when you upgrade to AVR..

Yes, the diagonal screen size is about 110 inches :D:cool:

Sure, I would also suggest you to try and re-position the PJ to get the best possible projection clarity.
Yes.. Will do them in sometime & share pics here..

I am looking forward to mod the screen - to make it brighter & clearer. Perhaps a grey paint to begin with
Do you mean painting the vinyl screen?:)

Hope you have seen Black diamond screen videos.. Try to get close to that thru experimentation.. There are handful of DIY black screen with paint videos - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MssmLgmMwtA