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Buying Sony42W900B. Need a HT.

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May 13, 2015
I am buying a SONY 42 W900B BRAVIA Full HD 3D TV (@73k) for my room(10ft by 11ft)
Link - KDL-42W900B : W900B Series : BRAVIA LED TV / LCD TV / HD TV / 4K TV : Sony India
I need to buy a good 5.1 HT system. I am new to HT systems. So I visited a Sony center yesterday. They showed me 5.1ch Blu-ray Disc Home Theatre System (BDV-E4100).
Link - BDV-E4100 : Blu-ray Home Theatre Systems : Home Theatre System : Sony India
Below are the things I noticed -
1) They played it on Airtel HD Digital, but even at max volume, i could hardly hear anything. It was performing worse than my Altec Lansing PC speakers. They said, the input from Airtel was very low and HD Channels donot give much sound. Please tell me whats the catch behind this?
2)When they played their Sample DVD, it was sounding as a 1000W speaker should.
3)When I played some FULL HD movies through USB connected to the Bluray player, the Audio was OK but the video transmitted to TV via HDMI was crap.
When I played the same video through the USB connected to the TV, the video was superb, but the audio through the HT system was so low, i could even hear my phone's vibration sound!
In a nut shell i found that I have to compromise either audio or video when playing from USB's
4)the normal SD TV channels were also sounding too low even when he volume was maxed out. Too low means, actually toooo much low.

Then I read some forums and finally @hifivision I got to know that those are HTIB's. I have a few queries now -
1)The bluray 3d player had inbuilt amp and it had speaker ports to connect the speakers. As pointed everywhere, HTIB's are problematic if something goes wrong with one unit. Well If the the player goes down, can i purchase the player unit instead of the whole HTIB set?
2)I have kept a budget of 35k for audio requirements. So should you suggest me to go for HTIB'S or wait and upgrade to a AV reciever and speakers
3)At max i can shell out 50K for audio(at a later point). So please suggest me a AV receiver and speakers(5.1). Please let me know the brands also
4)I stay in Bhubaneswar, and I searched a lot over internet, but couldnot find a place to buy such equipments. even HTIB's are also displayed at selected outlets.
5)While testing the sound at an outlet, they sound good. But will they sound the same in my room? I am just afraid that the woofer will sound boomy rather than punchy in a closed room.
6)Should I buy online? If yes, will i get the manuals to setup everything on my own? and how to check what speakers should go with what av receiever? i meant the wattage/output etc.
7)after buying all these, will the TV HD DTH wil lsound better than what i hear now(low sound at max volume)

Please suggest me if I need to change anything else in the setup. I can skip buying a player as everything is available through USB's. But i need a good sound system, a proper 5.1.