Buzzing sound from samsung LCDs


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Nov 30, 2007

Wanted to check with anyone who has a LCD TV (particularly Samsung LCDs) if there is a distinct buzzing sound from the TV / panel even when the volume is on mute. This is like a low hum / buzz which seems to come from the rear / speakers. Is particularly noticebale in the nights when other noise / sound is at a minimum.

Hv a 40" Samsung TV and noticed this a few days back. Got Samsung to chk it out and the tech support guy!!! says that this is normal and is evident in all LCD TVs due to the light or something being on inside the TV....

Can anyone pl throw some light on this ....coz if it shouldnt be there then would like to have samsung come back and check it out.

Pl advise...


AFAIK, LCD TV is fitted with a tiny cooling fan to circulate air inside to keep things cool. The buzz sound you are listening to is most probably from that fan.

Normaly the fan starts with a roar and soon settles down to a point where one really can't hear it unless you put your ear a foot or two away.

If the sound level on the fan doesn't quiet after a minute upon start up then either the fan or its mounting hardware needs replacement.Check this aspect with the Samsumg technician when next time he visits your place.


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