Can I connect Sony SSWS-9 Subwoofer with Onkyo


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May 2, 2009
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Earlier I had a sony HT and it has good 5 speakers and one passive sub woofer. 5 speakers have 6 ohms so they are getting easily connected with my new Onkyo HT and playing well.
But I am not sure on passive sub woofer connection. Can some one let me know if I can connect it without any harm? ( The type of cable connection is different from the Onkyo. For Onkyo receiver the sub woofer connection cable is different from 5 speaker connnections where as Sony's subwoofer connection is similar to other 5 speaker connection. It connects the same way as other 5 speakers get connected)
My sony system is:

My Onkyo System is: TX SR - 304E
My Subwoofer model :
HT : DAV SB-100
Subwoofer: SS WS-9
Impedence: 4 Ohms
(Power Output (RMS 10%): Subwoofer (W) 80.0)
DAV-SB100 (DAVSB100) : Technical Specifications : Home Cinema and Hifi : Sony
Gopal, there are a few differences in the two systems that you must understand.

The Sony system is a Home Theater in a Box (HTIB). This consists of a DVD player with an built in amplifier that can drive 5 speakers and a sub woofer. In this particular case, the sub is 'passive', meaning it is just like another speaker. The connection between the main unit and the sub is just another speaker cable. The amplification for the sub is also done within the main unit. In other words, the system amplifies 6 channels in a 5.1 set up.

The Onkyo system, on the other hand, is an AVR. In an AVR, amplification is done for 5 channel for a 5.1 set up or 7 channel for a 7.1 set up. The Point 1 is the sub woofer channel which is technically called LFE output. The AVR does NOT amplify this channel but sends a pre-out signal much like what a pre amplifier sends to a power amplifier. The sub woofers that are used with such AVRs are called 'active' subs. In other words, these subs have an amplifier built into the sub's box itself. The connection between the AVR and the sub will use a RCA cable much like what you use between the DVD player and the amplifier or a CD player and the amplifier.

The SSWS-9 is a passive sub and does not have any amplification. It is just another speaker. If you connect it any channel other that the sub it will work. But, I am afraid you cannot connect it to the LFE or sub woofer output of the AVR.

You have to buy an active sub woofer from the market.

Thanks, it is much clear now.
Then I have to buy a active subwoofer for this;
Among Jamo and Onkyo (junior) which one is good? Any suggestions?

Thanks, it is much clear now.
Then I have to buy a active subwoofer for this;
Among Jamo and Onkyo (junior) which one is good? Any suggestions?


Another way-

you can purchase sub amp of sony(used for car sub) which can start from Rs5k & connect it to Passive sub.Check impedence of sub & amp before buying.

connection-AVR subout> Subamp> passive sub
In the future think of changing speakers too...
These are too low powered speakers - do not go on Sony's 50 w Claim - the amp is rated at 10 % THD so I think those maybe just 5-10 watts speakers and that too single driver speakers.

At budget 5.1 check yamaha's package - that package incl Active sub was available in Croma for below 6 K!
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