Can Power cables make a difference ?


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Apr 4, 2008
Ok, pls dont shoot the messengeer :D I know this can be a contentious topic - but whichever camp you fall into (I am in the believer camp for the record ;) ) you should read this article

Affordable$$Audio: The E-zine For Frugal Audio Enthusiasts page 49

I know this topic was discussed on and off in various other posts but I thought I would leave it out of the other posts and post a new one to this article

Odyssey, Do you really want to go through this all over again??
I think I'm going to stay out of this one, BUT for the record I am a believer and can prove it (couldn't resist :) )
BTW your link goes to the main page. Where is this article in question?
Hi Awedeophile
No, I didnt mean to post for that reason but its just that I never saw such a detailed article (as this one) which goes into measurements and noise, etc. There is no way to link to the article alone, you will have to download the entire magazine and go to page 49. My aim is not to make believers out of naysayers but to only point to some literature as this is really lacking in such subjects.

Hi shridhar,
Actually i fall into the CONFUSED CAMP.
I sometimes hear differences in the sound and then sometimes i dont!!!!! I know it sounds silly but thats that. I felt the trebles were harsh with the stock power cord but smoother with a few others i tried and the Shunyata cord definately perked up the bass. I do now believe that cords do alter the sound but i wonder if enhancing a particular frequency is the right way to go.
But contrary to popular belief i feel that ICS and speaker cables have a more pronounced audible effect as compared to power cords.

Bring out the boxing gloves guys!!!
Bring out the boxing gloves guys!!!
This topic has been done to death on virtually all audio forums. There will be 20 posts about placebo effects, snake oil, etc. and an equal number of posts from people who believe and have heard differences. In the end nothing conclusive or constructive will come out of this discussion. Hence, I'm hanging up my gloves for this one!
I tried several and settled for well made HP (original) Printer Power cords (Rs 300) . I alway recommend a well made cord (like HP) , it makes sense as long as it is reasonably priced , after that it is a Snake Oil for sure!

Remember the law of diminishing returns and don't go beyond 2% of total system cost.There is no point in putting $1000 power cord for a $400 CDP, one can get far better mileage by getting a $1300 CDP and $100 power cord.

In short, I recommend spending of 0.5 to 1 % for Power cord (if at all stock power cord is really crap) , 7-7.5 % for Interconnects and 2% for speaker cables. That makes total cabling cost about 10% of the system cost.
I am using my MF A 3.5 dual mono amplifier and the power cable is the one which is supplied by the MF . i changed some power cables from Supra but could not find any difference , Also tried power cables from Monster , but there is no difference at all .

but as someone previously said i found a huge difference if i change my ICs and speaker cables.

Hi Dinyaar
At least you are frank, a lot of people arent even that. Anyway, my aim wasnt to evoke responses of how much one should spend or whether they believe it is snake oil or not, it was really to point to some literature of which there is very less of. Lets not bring out boxing gloves or argue about it, as Awedeophile points out this is never ending and everyone has thier own opinions some of which is based on experience.

Odyssey, I downloaded (took quite a while), saved and read the article from page 49 onwards. Thanks for posting the link.

Everyone interested with this subject should read it. This is a scientifically carried out experiment showing that a power cable does affect the signal output by the amplifier.

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