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Caps upgrade on Cadence ARCA Speakrs and Cary AE-25 Superamp Amplifier

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Mar 20, 2011
This week I finally completed my pending upgrade by replacement of Capacitors on my speakers and amplifiers.
1) On Cadence ARCAs , I replaced Mundorf M-Supreme caps with V Caps OIMP caps , but only on HF crossover . The choice on V Caps OIMP was made due to its top quality and reviews , opinions on forums, as well as its rather not so large size. ( Some very good caps like Duelund were simply too large to fit on the board , besides prohibitive cost).

2) on my AES ( by Cary Audio ) amplifier AE-25 SuprAmp , I replaced all 18 capacitors , except the 4 coupling caps. The coupling caps were already replaced by Cary about 5 years back and are Jensen Cu Foil PIO , which are still very good . My amp is about 15-16 years old and I just wanted to replace all caps and to upgrade at the same time , hoping I would get better sound at some affordable cost. The older caps were Nichicon , KimberKap ( as Bypass caps) , NIC Component, United Chemicon , Solen ( PB , PPE series ) . The new ones installed are F&T Electrolytic caps with Bypass caps of Jupeter Cu foil paper and wax , ELNA Cerafin , Solen ( AGM , SM series ) . Like I said , Coupling Caps were not replaced .

I used WBT Silver solder ( 4% Ag ) for the job.

It is only after 4-5 hours listening so far , but I find the difference stunning and very musical , I think the cost and effort are well rewarded .