Car Audio upgrade suggestion


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Oct 4, 2018
I have a Maruti Alto, primarily used for intracity travel. Currently, it has a pair of JBL 4 inch coaxial in stock front speaker location, 2 Sony 6x9 Coaxial on rear parcel tray and a DIY 8 inch powered sub. The HU is a Pioneer unit rated for 45Wx4 RMS. As it never had any "interior" work done in it, I took it to a shop yesterday to get an estimate. When it came to Audio, the guy suggested me to get Coaxial installed in individual boxes in the boot and fix 2 Dome tweeters upfront near A pillar. Now what I want to know is that if I go for such a setup;
1. Will it be too bright i.e. Highs focused?
2. If I add an amplifier to the mix, would the low end from Coaxial be enough to obviate the need for a subwoofer? By subwoofer, I'm considering an 8-inch unit hitting down to 40Hz?
Moreover, there's a tight budgetary constraint on this, has to be under 10K. The guy has quoted 1200 for a pair of Dome tweeters, 3500 for a pair of preowned Focal Coaxial. So the question is what would be a better option, spending the remaining money or more, if need be, on a powered sub or an amplifier to drive the aforementioned speakers and tweeters. Aim is SQ, not loudness or bumping the roof off.