Cerwin Vega CLS-215 Tower Speakers


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Nov 23, 2008

I am looking for a pair of Cerwin Vega CLS-215 tower speakers. Could you pls let me know how much would these speakers cost & if I can get one of these in bangalore.

Thanks & Regards
From their site
Their Indian Distries

India Rivera International
397A-1B, Mangaldas House, Naaz Cinema Compound, Lamington Road, Mumbai - 4, India Tel: 91 22 23800555
email: [email protected]
The said dealer have always quoted different prices. Initially they quote you a very high price and then in your next interaction with them they straight away reduce price by 5 to 10k depending on what model you are inquiring for. Few of my friends have had this experience.
This is just to caution you and i guess the contact person over there is also Rajesh
I hope you are not the same person :eek:hyeah:
No, I'm not. :) Anyway I got the same address from the net. Will call them & find out. BTW guys, just so you know., these speakers need huge amplifiers to drive them. That is why I am still looking out for those good old power blocks from Rotel, Parasound, etc.
You Gotta hear it to believe it dude.....:)

i've heard the cerwin vegas. well if you like loud big sounds then they're good. amazing if you want to party. what sort of music do you listen to. have you heard other brands out there such as monitor audio, kefs, wharfedales etc. whats your budget
rajesh must be single, young, and love the sound at party level, and more - cerwin vega.:)

lucky woman, this cerwin, getting this young handsome dude interested enough!- mr. Vega must be happy having found a good match for his :)daughter?
Ha ha that's funny man. Anyway as for my budget for both the tower speakers & a pair of amps ( Mono blocks & pre ) is about 75k. I checked out some of the Cerwin Vega speakers in Reynolds at Rajajinagar. However they had couple of the low end ones. So gotta wait till the big boys come. Guys, just wondering if the Onkyo M series monoblocks are still available. I love those amps. Do let me know if one of those are for sale. Thanks.

- Rajesh
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