Coaxial Digital Audio Outputs


Jul 15, 2008

Could we connect a coaxial out of a dvd player (with 2 channel audio out) to coaxial in of an av reciver to get benefit of 5.1 channel dts/dolby from av receiver output?

hi ajith,
can you tel the dvd player brand?
or are you asking this as a general question?.
IME,if the dvd player has dolby,dts compatibility,yes you can connect it to a A/V reciever with either a optical or coaxial cable and benefit from 5.1 surround sound.
hopes this makes sense.
Dear Vj,

Consider samsung P180 for the DVD palyer. It has Dolby digital soround sound. But not suppert DTS.It seems doesnt support vcd format also.
Pls check.

mmh,in that case,you can experience just the DD i guess,i have seen a lg player which says,just DD compatibility,but i saw the Receiver was able to decode DTS from it.Any way lemme double check.

The coaxial digital out is considered to be better than optical, and will give you full 5.1 surround sound to be decoded by the AVR. Do not worry about DTS decoding. If you connect via coaxial digit, the DVD will send the data is 'raw' format and the AVR will do the decoding.

Regarding VCD, almost all DVD players will play VCDs. The specifications may not mention VCD in particular. VCD is a comparatively simple format and all DVD players should be able to handle it. If you have not yet purchased the DVD player, just take a good quality VCD and try it before purchasing it.

Hey Venkat,just to clarify,as per my knowledge,i guess optical is one step ahead of the coax,as the signals are transferred as light instead of electrical signals right?
What i also know is optical is better for short interconnects,as they also tend to get weaker in the long run and are more prone to external hazards.
Or i might also be wrong.Just clarify.


First, actually optical is better for longer runs (say over 50 feet). But for connecting a source to a amp, the distances (at least in our homes) are around 6 feet max. For these lengths, coaxial or optical should theoretically give identical performances. Optical cables could also minimize RF noise as they are immune.

Some people say that a CD signal which is an electrical signal is converted to light and reconverted, leading to possible degradation. This may not be true as the signal being transmitted (PCM or bitstream) is sampled at low frequencies (44-48KHz) and thus are more immune to conversion hassles. .

The only issues with optical are it's fragile connections and higher price for the cable. A bit of dust in the connection point could affect the movement of the light beam. If you notice all optical connection points have a small dummy plug. This should always be plugged-in unless you are using an optical cable.

The general feeling in the market is the co-axial is preferable to optical. That is why I said, coaxial is 'considered' to be better. For all practical purposes (and short runs) there should be no difference at all.

coaxial is always better than optical,it sound great with good branded coaxial cable.and i think it depend on qulity of boyh cable

Define Quality Please :p . I use a local coaxial cable and it works great . I tried my friends $70 Monster coaxial cable and there was no difference sir :).

I also tried using a $10 optical cable (now fixed to my htpc sound card) and again the same output. No noticeable difference at all. :)
i know there is little diffrance but coaxial is always better than optical mr.venkat also post same .coaxial cable with good qulity of coper is better:)
you notice the diffrance of MID frq. will improve
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