Couple of suggestions


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Aug 6, 2009
I've been on this forum for past month and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thought I'll give some feedback, which I can think make things better. I'm not sure if all these can be incorporated due to time/money/technical constraints, but just my 2p.

1. Admin activity - I've seen people posting questions in wrong sections which leads to question not being answered. People generally tend to resort into their own sections. So if a mod can actually move them to appropriate sections it would be nice. Makes a nice reading if everything is placed where intended. I'm not sure how much feasible this is accounting your other overheads, may be you can ask some senior members to volunteer. Also can help delete unwanted posts/threads.

2. Membership status - The only differentiators is the reputation now, may be you should distinguish based on the posts count. This can possible encourage people to post more. For Eg - 0-50 - New Member, 50-500 - AV Rookie etc.

3. Sticky threads - Simply we've seen people open topics for same question. Eg - Importing, Service dealership etc. So may be you can delegate someone to create sticky thread as and when we find that information can be useful to whole community.

4. Sub-forums & Topics - We also should be creating separate sub-forums for each manufacturer under the appropriate section. This can help in even more clarity amongst people browsing.

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