Denon 1910 settings and issue with speakers


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Jun 24, 2009
I have set up my new Denon 1910 with KEF 2005 speakers. I have configured the amp for 5.1 settings and is using the surround settings for speakers. If I select DVD / V Aux ( with my ipod) With my DSP set for 7 channel stereo mode , I am not getting my surround right to fire. Surround left is getting the signal. However with tuner on , all speakers are firing.

the SR is giving a tone while speaker test , I also tried swapping left and right speakers and I have tried all the options in the settings.

Essentially , I feel the speaker and cable have no issue.

I am yet to run odyseey on my set up.

Can anybody help on this issue ? Thanks in advance.

Sachin K
Since you are getting signal from that channel with at least one source, there is nothing to worry. Do the following:

1. Ensure you have connected the the Surround Right to the correct speaker terminals at the back. Many times, I have erroneously connected the surrounds to Rear speaker terminals.

2. Ensure that you have used the polarity of the cables properly - black to black and red to red - at both ends - AVR and Speaker.

3. Use Setup to test that the test signal is going to each channel correctly.

4. Use Speaker set up to ensure that the relative dB levels of the speakers are correct.

5. Connect your iPod to the Auxiliary input at the back of the AVR. Do not use DVD for anything excepting DVD.

6. Also ensure that the zone settings are all set to Zone 1.

7. Play the system using Neo 6 to that will automatically play the music on all channels.

Once all these are working properly, you can then fool around with the system.

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