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May 16, 2008

my recently bought Denon av receiver (AVR-1708) has started producing distorted sound (lots of hiss and crackle) through one of the sourround channels (and it seems to be gradually spreading to the other channels too). I'm looking for a good repair shop preferably in Pune or alternatively in Mumbai. Thanks in advance (for any names or for any insight into the problem). I'm using 4ohm satellites by the way. I've tried changing the speakers and the speaker wire but the problem remains so its the receiver thats the problem.


If u have interchanged speakers, and the problem has persisted and have checked that the speaker cables and Ics are firmly connected then i guess there must be something amiss in ur AVR. Is this noise/crackle there all the time or just on start up/ or when other appliances are used in the house?
Since its a new acquisition if its from an authorised dealer please ONLY take it there. Even If purchased from the grey Mkt u should first call the dealer and see if he will rectify the problem for a charge.
No clue of a decent repairer in Pune but Hari or Manoj (@Lakozy) in mumbai will surely fix it. U can call lakozy on 022-23697001 and explain ur problem and take it from there.

the problem has been fixed. There was apparently some loose connection on some circuit board which was heat-sensitive.

thanks for the contacts in Mumbai. I've found another local contact in Pune who can undertake repairs for a/v equipment : his name is Sharad and the number is 98905-15000; I received his number through the kind folks at AvExcelllece.


Hey I know this is a delayed post but my denon avr 1708 has started to crack and go blank in all the channels as well. How much did you spend getting yours Fixed would you say? cheers
Thank you for Sharat's contact. I was looking for a Denon service centre in Pune and bumped into this post. He came home and solved my problem with the AVR.
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