Discount coupon percentage


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Sep 28, 2008
Hi folks,
I could not locate the 20north discount coupon percentage for hifivision. Hence i opened this thread.
Can anyone let me know what percentage is this coupon (HIFIVISION) discounted on 20north?
I find it less than 2%. I may be wrong too.

I could see some sites accept other group discount codes and the percentage is anywhere from 5% to 10%.

Hi Folks,
I Just checked with 20North regarding the discount percentage and its 5%. But unfortunately i could see it takes in only 2% or less when the coupon is used.
I have informed them. They will get back.

Until then, other folks in case you need to purchase from 20north with the discount code you may need to defer little more time, so that you can get the full 5% discount.

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