DIY|Anyone build Class-T amps?


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Jan 17, 2009
Check these out:
There are some dated reviews out there too:
Class-T amp review

Check out the prices. These prices are peanuts!! Makes me wonder where our money goes when you buy the so called "high-end" packaged products as compared to these. Of course the assumption I'm making is that these DIY boards are as good/better than packaged products.
Has anyone actually built these? If yes - sharing experiences with these would be much appreciated.
There are multiple versions of the T-Amp chip. The original is a TA2024 - rated at 15W at 4ohms (optimistically I think). There is also a 20w TA2020 and a TA2022 which is rated at a more conventional 90W at 4 ohms.

I recently picked up a TA2024 based amp. It works quite well in a small room with a pair of 89db sensitivity, easy to drive (light crossover) towers. This little amp seems to have a tremendous soundstage. Quite impressive really. I'll be trying it out with a pair of DIY bookshelves using the Fostex FE167E that I knocked together soon. I also have a miniwatt SET amp handy (not burned in yet though). Lets see how they compare.
Hi Jai:

Which TA2024 based amp did you buy? Which is the easy to drive towers that you tried it with?
I picked up the T-amp through a Chennai based seller on ebay India

tried it with a pair of Yamaha NS-8390 towers in a 160 sq ft room. the same towers can also be driven by the miniwatt (albeit at somewhat anemic volumes at 12 o clock)
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