Do we meet ?


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Sep 5, 2008
Hey Folks,

I am new to this group! Do you folks ever meet in person (Every Month, Every year, ....)? If yes, then please let me know how and where I could join in!

My Location: Bangalore.


PS: I can organise for a venue in Bangalore to meet if there is interest.
Hola Rev,

There isn't any specific date / time that folks out here meet up, however, depending upon the particular interests of our members - Music Genre's, Speaker Auditioners, Amp Specialists, LP Lovers meet up individually I suppose.

If I were to meet up anyone in the forum, I'll give you a holler and let you know.

Pass me your number (PM me). My number is posted on this forum someplace in the thread titled - "How much would we pay for LPs"

Take it easy mate...walk in peace! :) :cool:
hey Reign...thanks a bunch mate. Will give you a holler too, although I wouldn't have anyone's number. I and RedLag are in touch and also with Prashanth_dv and SilS. So perhaps, if you could leave your coordinates, we could liaise.

Hello Pals ... I am also interested to join the audio freaks meet ... Maddy, I have messaged my contact number to you through PM. Please keep me posted about the next meeting schedule ... Thanks.
the first meet is over...between RedLag & I, however, here we're discussing on how many other people would be interested.

Perhaps, when we plan out for a nice suttah and chai for likeminded folks, we'll put it up on the forum to apprise everyone and meet up...
nice idea ...
i am in ...
> chai samosa sutta place to be decided on a new thread
> members carry pictures of av gears they have and some information
papers on the common interest
> better the place should be comfortable enough so that we can spend some time discussing

i am there to sponsor light snacks for this meet

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