Do you enjoy internet radio


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Mar 3, 2008
Wanted to start a thread for casual listening .......

many times like in the morning/doing important work etc
you dont want to just change songs/Cds...a radio without ADs is a good candidate for such times...

most of us have a dedicated broadband
all can take the advantage of this source of streaming music Internet Radio...

I am new but regular listener of station "
cool med radio"
i access it through .Select station play icon>Opens a window with player.

The content and quality is very good for this station.Use a stream recorder ..if you want to record.

For firefox users to stream with 'windows media' you need to put
npwmsdrm.dll in plugins for the process.
Sometimes I listen to the radio players (Hindi Songs, NPR, Classical Music channels) that are attached to the Vista sidebar. Not bad when you have no other alternatives (like a dead ipod). Depends on the internet connection though as I had breaks in playing. So office is the best environment for this I feel.
Used to when Pandora was available and I used to work at an office. Not anymore though since music on the home PC sounds so much better. Will check out RadioTower, thanks for mentioning it.

I am enjoying internet radio in my xtreamer, sounds awesome at 128 and 196 kpbs bit rate.

Guys having unlimited internet should check this out! Awesome 70s and 80s classics are playing all the time without Ads.

I enjoy occasional blasts of the BBC --- either direct from the PC, or via the Squeezebox.

More rarely, I might pick something like a vintage Grateful Dead concert from the wonderful internet archives site.
Well, I have screamer radio installed on my desktop and it's an app that let's you choose from a whole host of radio stations - many of them not working from India. :(

One that does work is Kickin' Country - 128 kbps Country music 25/7 - if you're into that sort of thing.
My/Wife/Daughter's Favorites on the Squeezebox:
247Bach live365://
001 Beethoven One -
Everytime Mozart !
BBC Radio 3 BBC Radio 3
Baroque 24/7 [HD] live365://
Classical Piano Trios
1.FM - Otto's Classical Musick
1.FM - Otto's Baroque Musick
Mostly Classical : Classical Favorites
CBC Classical (Canada)
Venice Classic Radio - Beautiful Classical Music - Italia Italy
Beethoven Radio - The World's Classical Radio Station
Contemporary Classical live365://
Radio Vinilo, clasicos desde vinilo
* SINFONIAS-Classical * live365://
Celtic Roots Radio live365://
181.FM Classical Guitar (US)
1.FM - 50s & 60s
4BH (Brisbane, Australia)
Bob Marley Web Radio
Beatles A Rama
181.FM Beatles
Nostalgie Soul (France)
Classic Hits Radio live365://
Magic Radio Online live365://
Gold Radio - Oldies (UK)
TABLA.COM : DJ CIPHER : Indian classical + downtempo electronica + ambient drum and bass
Abba Radio
Bebop Jazz
Jazz Classics
webKIDS Ballads
ORS Radio - Kids (US)
Ray Sherman Radio 4 live365://
Soleil FM (Saint-Martin-Boulogne)
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