Dual 714 Q

Hello rainbow, just grab it !!!!!!

They heve huge range of turntables from the 1960's onwards including classic idler drives, belt drives and even a few direct drive models. Dual turntables are renowned for performance

Dual CS 714Q is beautifully made & uses quartz EDS 920, stabilized direct drive system with 2-speed fully automatic direct-drive turntable with pitch control system. Have you bought it?


Anybody had any idea about german make Dual 714 Q truntable ?
i have an old dual idler drive that i'm using as a cleaning table and they certainly seem well built. no idea on the particular model you've mentioned though.


Condition was good.No need to replace Cartridge also.

Ripped one Record and satisfied with the result.

Sorry anm he dont have any more..

There was one Pioneer PL 400 available last wk.I will check and let you know if you are intrested
Pioneer PL 400 TT​

Hi anm, just buy it if the condition is good. Pioneer PL 400 is a well built TT with 2-speed, quartz-controlled, direct-drive turntable fitted with S-shaped tone arm with aluminum alloy die cast platter. Pioneer made good TT's during 70's & 80's. I have a pioneer SA 9100 top of the line amp in my rig, made during 1972. Built like a tank, sounds awesome.


I have no idea. need recommendations from forum members.
thanks Anil. what should be the fair price for this? You have the higher model, any idea about this particular model?
I am not in a hurry to buy a TT, but I do want to buy one and want to buy right - at least that doesn't need to be changed in a year or so.
Thanks Anil

AT-91 will work for this one ?

As per the Manual, Audio Techina TK 7 E,TK 14 S,AT 13Ea,AT 15 SA,AT 20 SLA are suitable for this model and I don't think those are available here.


Hai rainbow, Pl find the attached specs and Photo of the TT taken from Web.

DUAL 714Q Turntable

Specifications: Semi-Automatic Play
Pitch Control
Cue Control
Two Speeds (33.33/45 RPM)
Spec Sheet Data: Motor: Quartz PLL, Electronic
Direct Drive via DUAL EDS 920
Platter: Dynamically Balanced,
Detatchable, 1.5 Kg
Pitch Control: 5.5%
Wow & Flutter:
DIN: 0.025%
WRMS: 0.015%
Unweighted: > 55dB
Weighted: > 78dB
Tonearm: Distortion Free,
Tubular Aluminum, Ultra Low
Mass (ULM) mounted in a 4
point gimbal bearing.
Tonearm counterbalance with
tunable anti-resonator. 221mm.
Cartridge: Accepts any 1/2" mount
with a weight of 2-10 grams, including
the mounting hardware.
Tracking Force: 0-2 grams.
Power Consumption: 4W

If this is the Model then AT-91 will very well suit the TT. Hope this helps

N Murali
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Hi anm,

At this point of time, No turntables available in hyderabd (with my contacts).

I will let know if I find any..


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