Eddie Van Halen tribute


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Nov 17, 2017
.... fans of hard rock will miss him.
his legacy lives on through the music he made with Van Halen

for a glimpse of his Prodigious talent watch:

Apparently, he did this too?
Oh sad to hear this. Eddie's guitar work on "Beat It" was my intro to his genius.
Thank you for your music and RIP.
This is such a sad news. Van Halen was such a big part of my twenties. One of the greatest rock guitarists ever.
My favorite was "Hot for Teacher". I got a large speeding ticket when I was blasting this once, doing 90mph in a 70 mph zone (in a Ford Mustang 5.0). RIP Eddie.
Just like what is alleged with Michael Jackson, Eddie Van Halen has also recorded extensively at his home studio and has created a tape library. Perhaps his son Wolfy (and we only hope he does) may bring forth some stuff from this library at some point in the future. Here is an old rare MTv interview from 1990, where a glimpse of Eddie's tape library can be seen.
How many of you have listened extensively to Eddie's music on LP's ? The cd's that I have been exposed to make me think what the sound engineer was thinking ( or smoking ) when he made the mix. There is so much talent there but it is recoded so badly.
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