Elac sat cinema


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Jun 25, 2008
Has any one heard of ELAC brand of speakers. How does their satellite setup match up with wharfedale 60+ . Onkyo is the distributer of ELAC in India. You can see the product description on the onkyo site.

Please help me on this. ELAC is about 30 K and 60+ about 19 K. tell me if its a good investment to spend around 11K more.
No one knows about this brand.

I also looked in to polk audio RM 705 . Its about 25k . Dont know how these are too.
Elac is a German manufacturer of speakers.
friend has one of their upper models (around Rs. 1.7 Lakhs). I personally didn't like them and prefer the KEF's in comparison, but think they will be better than Wharfedale.

Also, Onkyo took 7 months to deliver his pair after he had ordered and paid an advance, so please check availability.
I have paired Elac Cinema 1 Sats with my Onkyo TX SR575 and a Jamo Sub 350. Movies and music sound great...no harshness even at high frequencies....and vocals are particularly very clear.

I have them since November '08 and its been a great listening experience.
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