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Dec 3, 2007
Hi guys,
What do u guys know/think of this Norwegian brand and how would u compare the products with others in the price range. The entry level Prelude line, The old classic line and the DP line?
Any owners?
Thanks in advance.
I have owned the 4.6 Pre amp and heard an entire Electrocompaniet system driving a B&W 802.
Very smooth and organic with high current capacity belying their usually modest power output. Furthermore they are completely balanced designed and DC coupled.

using XLR connectors are highly recommended with these.
Changing your amp?
Awedeophile on this forum is one of the owners of electrocompaient gear & if I recollect well sushil anand of nova audio is also a owner. May you should get in touch with them.
All the best.
Hi Guys,
No particleman no such plans for now. Similar type of amp and its a matter of personal preference which amp appeals to the individual. BTW how is the set up sounding at ur home?
Thanks Arj for your comments. Nice gear IMO.
Neo i know of awedeo using one and also of Mr Sushil Anand importing them. Whats ur take on the amps/cdps?
Actually am seeking opinions on the brand from a different angle guys. Anyone else with opinions or any take on the product please share it here.
Thanks again.
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I've heard the ECD-1 DAC and it was excellent - beautiful dynamics, very very organic, quite a lot of micro detail. Beautiful source. I'd buy it if I had the cash.
I had heard the gear about 4yrs ago paired with dynaudio spk's. Although the shop owner kept implying it sounding really well with the nautilus series to some other people who were demoing the gear.
The stuff was on the expensive side so did'nt pay heed, but my impression would def fall in line with roc & afj.
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