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Emotiva Club



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Jul 1, 2010
After a series of Mail exchange with Fellow forum Member "Harris" he ordered UMC1 and he suggested that I can start a Emotiva Gear Thread exclusively for Emotiva stuff. Found it agreeable hence starting a thread for QA and Discussion on Emotiva gear. Asking fellow Emotiva owners on adding there impressions.

My Impressions on UMC1 after a Month's Usage.

1. Clean sound.
2. Upgradable , Can dump it keep the amp and move on.
3. Features that are useful and doesn't contains features that might not be used at all hence is simple. EMOq Adjustment really helped a lot. Audessy might be even more powerful but alas Emotive is doing its own Correction.
4. Video Pass through is accurate and passes correctly. GUI is nice.


1. Gets hot, but that must be my cabinet's fault.
2. Is costly, but if i can get a pre only at 45.5 K I ll be interested.
3. Audio Lock on, Say If i pause a movie then start it, It takes few moments to lock onto audio signal, It is irritant. Sometime it doesn't lock at all, Have to stop and start movie again.
4. Video resolution change, If I turn off my Plasma and start it again, it goes to 480P from 1080P, this is irritant but may be because of HDMI handshake issue it is working that way.
5. No Audessy correction, Emotiva must add this to its features. The more I read about Audessy more I am hooked. but Alas I ditched Denon / marantz route so can't do anything now.
6. Only 7.1 so no 9.1 or 11.1. It seems not essential now but read on Forum that Front high speakers make difference, would be nice to see that in Action. ( UMC1 is actually 7.2 you can add 2 subs, one with Balanced , 2nd with Unbalanced, They are not separately configurable but this is how other Denon AVRs are publicizing )

My Impressions on XPA5 after a Month's Usage.

Only pros.

A 5 channel Amp for 69k, Couldn't have asked for more, 300 Watt at 4 ohms RMS, It is less heated than UMC1. Crank up the volume and you can feel the sound. IT works great in 2 Channel listening mode too.

How would 2, XPA1s mono block would perform I wonder ?

Speakers with Sub is great , especially sub, I find it great. Apologies not so good with explaining sound in words.

Yesterday I was watching Golmal 3 , A BD RIP at 1080P with DTS, I must say the combo is working nicely, There were certain sounds, Comic Pops that the sound track has that on some quirks by characters, Those who have seen the movie must know, Those were clearly audible and went unnoticed before in my previous setup. ( Crappy Sony DZ510) .

Well as always, any QA happy to answer.:)