Empirical and objective test to see if a room is good for listening


May 25, 2018
Was facing some challenges in room acoustics and that got me thinking , is there an objective way to test whether a room is good for listening ?

For example, could there be a simple test where you place Sin waves through your speakers and then your phone mic pics up what other distortions/echos are being picked up and can tell you if you have a good or bad listening room (and by how much or why).

Not sure if something like this exists but would be really useful to take out the subjectivity from room design. found this https://blog.sonicbids.com/control-room-acoustics-how-to-test-your-speakers-and-listening-space. Still quite subjective.
That was quick, thanks

If anyone knows anyone that can provide this as a service in Delhi, please let me know. When covid calms down ofcourse.
As a service? Try Borrowing one from an FM who is willing to lend. May be a bit difficult during pandemic times though.
CARA was a great software many years back..was designed by the designed of many ELAC speakers. I had heard about it in early 2000's and surprised to see its still around !

This was stereophile recommended and I do remember another audiophile having bought it and being very happy with its suggestions as it does a comprehensive analysis of the room including reverberations and suggests optimal speaker placements for reducing nodes.

NOt sure on how it work now though :)
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