Energy Take Classic or Jamo A-102 HCS5

K Venugopalan

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Sep 7, 2009
Initially I was looking for HTIB like Yamaha YHT 195(23k), Onkyo S3200 (25k), Denon DHT 390 (30k). After various demos, I was not happy with quality of audio output for songs even though they are good for movies. Hence I have decided to stretch my budget upto 50k (max) and started looking for some thing better for music and movies and saved some money in the last 3 months. After various demos, I have shortlisted the following around 50 k budget:

AVR - Yamaha RXV 463 (20 k)
5.1 Speakers: Jamo A102 HCS5 (27k) or Energy Take Classic (28k)
DVD Player: LG DV 388 or Philips 3366 or 3388 or Sony NSP 728 (3-5 k)

I found both the above speakers are equally good for music, my personal feeling is that Jamo is little bit more bright in sound. Demo is done with Yamaha 363/Denon 1509/Marantz 3053 so I feel it should be better with Yamaha 463.

Please help me with your views in selecting the right combination in max budget of 50 k + 2 k max as I need to scrape further for cables. I can go for Denon 1610 but additional burden of 5k which is hard to fund at the moment. I also had demo of Wharf Moviestar 70, but it was not comparable to above Jamo/Energy. Please also suggest me if any other better combo is available within my budget. This setup will be in my Living cum Dining area of 300 sq.ft, L shaped area. I am having 32" Sharp Aquos LCD (720 p) and Tata Sky, normal STB and not planning to upgrade in the next 4/5 years. Presently using Sony VCD Micro and Mitashi DVD Player (gone kaput). I want this setup for all kind of movies as well as music (mainly Hindi & Tamil MP3 film songs and some carnatic/devotional songs)
Hi Guys & Gurus,

Please respond/suggest asap as I am planing to finalise my HT in this weekend. I know most of them would have been out on vacation.
Thanks prakasse, for your suggestions. I wanted to take demo with 463 & Energy but this combination is not available on display. I am still trying hard
Hi venu,
let me know from where u r getting the energy take classic in 28k,i m also planning to buy the same with Marantz 1501.
My vote for the Energy Take Classic. No contest. It's one of the best in its price range. The going rate was between 26-30K, last I heard. But I have been out of touch for almost two years now. In any case, the Energy will sound a little laid back with the Yamaha. Goes very well with the Marantz and Denon sound. But audition and decide for yourself.
Didn't heard energy classics with yamaha.I once owned Denon 1610 (Later Moved to 1910) and Energy Classics combo.They are good combination for Movies and Music for that budget.If you are in market for budget 5.1 then Energy tops the list.

Denon 1610 26K --> Vector Systems,HYD 6 Months back
Energy take Classics 27.8K --> Reliance Digital,HYD 4 Months back

Its few thousands above your budget but its well worth it. May be you might negotiate a bit and cover it up.

I think Yamaha and Energy Take combination is the best as i have used both Yamaha and Denon. I always feel Yamaha goes well for both music and movies and has a sturdy built quality whereas Denon has some power problems when there is some fluctuation of current.



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Audio: Yamaha RX-V661, Sansui G-5000, Hand Made Towers for stereo, Pioneer Linear Power for HT with Onkyo SL-107 powered sub.

I recently auditioned Jamo A-102 HCS5 speakers at cinebels, Bangalore with some 5.1 movie clips and music. I feel its awesome given their compact size. I didnt try "Energy take". so no comments.

But one thing that is bothering me is the price he quoted for Jamo A102 speakers is 27K. :mad:

But when i checked Amazon its around $232.75 only.:clapping: Jamo A 102 HCS 5 black Black 5.1-channel home theater speaker system: Electronics

Is the price difference b/w US and India is so HUGE??

btw, Is there any other store where I can get a better price for these speakers, in bangalore??

Pls help.

Thanks and Regards,
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