brand to choose from 5.2.2

Mar 3, 2024
I am asking again apologies in advance but i finally actually bought avc x4800h.
Finally after too many ifs and buts, tried many sellers in india, it was hard to believe the Authenticity but finally got my denon avc x4800h and will arrive by monday. Now as receiver is confirmed, I would like to proceed further. I would like to choose now: front left/right then centre speaker then back left right then subwoofer and 2 pairs of dolby atmos. My budget is tight, so i will be buying these all only one at a time. but need to finalize now. My main needs are? i will be listening to 1990s hindi bollywood songs from movies like: mohra, dilwale, akele hum akele tum etc. i have original disks of all cds and i ripped them in .wav 1400kbps. So all these songs must sound very good if i hear each and every instrument it will be best. Then regarding moves, i like action movies from james bond then wonder woman series, alien series etc. As already said I HAVE TINITTUS in ears, so want warm sound not harsh. my room is maybe 15x15
room size
budget for front left right bookshelf or towers: 1100 usd center channel 900 usd subwoofer 1100 usd back surround left right 600 usd and dolby atmos 2 pairs= 1000 usd
Regarding subwoofer i want room filing deep bass not loud bass and must be best for music (indian)

wharfdale is out of my budget. Regarding DALI i can go max upto oberon series. or any other brand you suggest? KEF/DEFINITIVE TECHNOLOGY or any other brand you would suggest
In list add polk reserve and indiqaudio too. Sub check ascendo sv12 ,Rel and klipsch new RP series
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