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Epson TW 8100 vs TW 6000 - My experience

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New Member
May 13, 2011
Hi Friends,

Im writing this specially for people who are restless without knowing if it is worth buying TW 8100 or just to settle with TW 6000/6100, like i was before two months.

As i had mentioned in the other thread i used to own a Epson 3010 (TW 6000), now i have a TW 8100. Im not going to give a detailed differences in specs which you can get it in the official website. Im just going to briefly describe the vital difference that you can notice immediately. Happy reading friends.

After using the 3010 for few months when i first turned on the 8100 i just felt WOW :yahoo::yahoo:.

Q. Is the contrast difference between two projectors visible only in dark scenes or does it differ even in bright scenes?
I felt a great difference even in bright scenes. I would say in Bright scenes the difference was noticeable, in average light scenes it was well noticeable and in dark scenes it was extremely noticeable that you may shed one or two drops of tears in sheer happiness. I did :)

Q: What about the grey/Black bars on top and bottom. I heard ppl say it is almost invisible in the TW 8100 is it true?
I would say a Yes and No. In extremely bright and bright scenes it is slightly visible but in average to dark scenes it is almost not visible.

Q: What about the native contrast difference between them. Does 320000 vs 40000 has anything to do with native contrast?
My answer for first question almost has the answer for this. The native contrast is nothing but the contrast that you get when the auto iris is turned off. The native contrast is definitely higher in TW 8100. This means that even when the auto iris is off in both the projectors you will certainly find 8100 to have the best contrast. I don't know what are the exact numbers for native contrast in both the projectors but if you ask me to rate their native contrast i would give 9 for 8100 and 6 for 6000 out of 10.

The 320000 vs 40000 applies only for extremely darker scenes. The contrast difference gradually decreases as the scenes get brighter.

People who are planning to keep you projector in a place where there will be more ambient light and you are going to use your projector in max brightness can ignore this section..
Q: Both the projectors have almost the same maximum brightness, what about the minimum brightness? Somebody told me that TW 6000/6100 is brighter even in lowest brightness mode 'Cinema' mode with eco mode on, Is this true?
Yes. when both the projectors are set to cinema mode with eco mode setting on, the TW 6000/6100 is for sure brighter than 8100.
When your ceiling/walls are light coloured you should think about it a bit.
I wouldn't say its unwatchable, its okay for a normal person but videophiles this might not be your piece of cake.

Q: Can i use a ND filter with the TW 6000/6100 to reduce brightness?
Will it reduce the brightness and increase the contrast to some extent?
I tried this option and pretty much did not like the result. It was okayish for few scenes but in other scenes i did not like the way the colours were shifting a bit when the filter was on.

Picture Quality:
I did not find any major differences in picture quality between these two. Both resulted in excellent colour reproduction and picture quality except the contrast differences.

Frame Interpolation:
Q: Is this a vital feature that i should consider seriously?
No. I normally set this to low or off. You would have read in various forum about the soap opera effect, which makes your video look unrealistic.
This feature would be required only when you watch videos which has fast camera pans and has video jitters. This applies to most sports like football, F1 etc.
If you just going to watch movies you can simply ignore this feature.

Im wrapping up my review with this.
All the opinion/review mentioned above are just my two cents. I have just explained things from a layman perspective please feel free to correct me if i have contradicted on any facts.

I hope this review would have helped people who were oscillating between 6100 and 8100 would have now come to a conclusion of which one to buy.

My best wishes for folks who are planning to buy a projector soon.

I thank this forum and its members once again for being all regarding any of my home theatre needs/suggestions. :clapping: