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Fake or real HDR Options in Chineese Android TV Boxes

Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series


New Member
Aug 23, 2018
So far i have my hands on few adroid boxes and i'm confued on HDR part.
I see Dolby vision toggle and SDR to HDR toggles when connected to a HDR panel on android TV Boxes.
Some works and some doesn't.
I need to know what's behind the scenes.

I tested Mi Box which shows HDR to SDR and SDR to HDR options.
When i turned on SDR to HDR screen immediately turns screen to TV native HDR. This means every thing that is SDR is now converted into HDR and TV now can display everything in HDR.
I tested some non HDR (SDR) videos on Youtube and from HDD . Some looked too good than before some too dull, Some Pretty.
It's a hit or miss scenario. You cannot expect HDR to work for all kinds of things. It worked better than windows.
Also,noticed on Mi Box HDR videos were played better overall than on Mecool TV boxe and windows. But Mix box was not ablr to play very large files of ~40GB.

I saw dolby vision which seems to do nothing.
Also this proved the dolby vision option in MeCool M8sPro L was just a fake it didn't do any thing. But this box does play HDR when i play HDR but won't do SDR to HDR like windows or Mi Box. So that's a bummer.

But there's a big BUT with Mi Box.
-> Kodi didn't worked.
-> Cannot Play very large files >20GB. Just Can't load it.
-> No Sound on VLC on many videos.
-> Sluggish and Slow in general not even comparable to MeCool performance.

I will create a seprate thraed for Mecool M8S Pro L, to dig this issue.