Feedback needed on XTZ Speakers


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Dec 7, 2009
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
HT Experts,
I am building a 7.1.2 HT setup for my new apartment. Here is the recommendation from the expert (Rajesh) for this setup:
AVR: DENON AVR-X4700H (1.8L)
XTZ Spirit 11 (1.15L pair)
Center channel
XTZ Spirit 8 (44.2k)
XTZ Spirit Sub 12 (69k)
XTZ Spirit 2 surround speakers (4)
+ XTZ in-ceiling surround speakers (2):

Since I don't have much idea about XTZ speakers, wanted to know what you all experts think about these choices. It will be great if someone in this group who has experience with these/ similar XTZ speakers can provide your honest feedback, including how the XTZ towers compare against Q Acoustics Conept 40 towers in a surround system and stereo setup.

Can you also elaborate on the room dimensions you are going to setup this system in.

I had the XTZ Spirit 11 for a good period of time. They are really underrated floorstanders and do very well for both movies / stereo. I did use it for HT for a short time as front Speakers ( center was not XTZ) and for stereo too, my only gripe was they were little too polite at times for stereo & lacked the zing for music which needed the same ( could very the chain too, with a slightly brighter chain they might do very well). I exchanged this and got myself an IndiQ Platinum Achal which I found better.

I had the bookshelfs of the Qacoustics Concept 40 i.e. the Concept 20 and they are amazing for HT/Stereo alike. Both of them fall little short on the bass front in comparison the XTZ Spirit 11 but if integrated well with a subwoofer you will not notice any issues.

As for the AVR ,would suggest to go for the X3700h as there is a not a lot of difference vs the x4700h overall and you can invest the money saved elsewhere.

Also if you are open to an used subwoofer , I have the better version the XTZ 12.17 Edge for a little more on sale ( 10 months old) and purchased from Rajesh itself.
Thank you!
Your inputs are very useful.
I don't have a dedicated HT room, will be using my main living room (17'6' x 12') which wife (after some heated debate) agreed to let me ...that's partly because we have another smaller (13' x 11') family room space where there will be another seating arrangement with a humble stereo setup - with Marantz M-CR412/ 612 & MA M6 speakers, that I will retain from my current setup.

For the main HT setup (5.1.2), per your suggestion in the private message, I am also considering KEF Q750 front towers + matching sub/surround. Asked Rajesh to give me a quote with details (on sub & surround) for that.
If I decide to go for the XTZ system, I will most likely take the sub from you if it's still available .. I will need it only after 3 months when my interiors are done.
I have used xtz subwoofers and currently use Xtz 95 series center speaker. Xtz is very good and perform well for both movies and music. Xtz is very well received in Sweden and some parts of Europe. Try to audition few speaker brands. Blore has many dealers and brands available for demo
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