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First Impressions: Amazon Echo

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Apr 29, 2016
Hi All,

Just bought the Amazon Echo. Had received the invitation link before as well but did not buy it then, but looking at user reviews I decided to take the plunge.

The Amazon Echo is currently available to purchase "Only by Invitation" hence I had to re-send the request to Amazon for purchasing it. Got it the next day early morning (around 8 am) and placed the order immediately the same day morning. The amazing part is it was delivered to my residence the same day around 9 pm.

Coming to its review, it is a pretty decent speaker. I also own a UE Boom 2 and the Echos is "fat" considering the diameter of the UE Boom 2. The UE Boom 2 is pretty slim and can easily fit in one hand, but Echo is a little difficult to fit in one hand for me. The speaker feels solid and is heavy. The top has 4 buttons (Volume + -) mic mute and action button. There is thin round light around it's rim which changes color as per the configuration.

The best part is the Echo has a separate sub-woofer which gives an amazing bass reproduction! It is actually comparable to a small bookshelf speaker!

The voice assistant Alexa is amazing and spot on when taking in commands and Amazon has done a fantastic job to recognize the voice. My 9 year old daughter is already a big fan of Alexa as she can say multiplication tables (which my daughter asks her to say) :eek:hyeah:

I keep the Echo in my living room and it can recognize voice from my master bedroom as well!

I also own Philips Hue Lighting System, which I hooked up onto Echo yesterday! It is pretty flawless for switching on/off of the lights but I could not configure the scenes, but I think I did not give enough time to put in it and I am pretty sure that the scenes too should work with any issues.

For songs, it picks up mostly from Saavn but occasionally it also plays from Amazon Prime Music as well.

Overall it is a fantastic product that Amazon has given us. the only BIG drawback that I see is it works only on electric power! There is no provision for battery which in my sense is a big let down, when the Echo can also act as a bluetooth speaker! But other than that this is a fantastic product and it definitely sounds better than UE Boom 2!