food for thought

interesting indeed.the psb and paradigm sharing space with such moneyed heavyweights??!!not really a level playing field,and yet there they are.must have made quite an impression on the u said,one persons thoughts.have any such list suri??:eek:hyeah: cheers
I completely disagree with that list.

In my opinion ............

Vienna Acoustics, Salk Audio, Sonus Faber, Proac, Harbeth and Spendor all have several models that are head and shoulders all around better and much more musical; than any of the speakers on that list.

I've auditioned several of those speakers and even my Jamo C803, C807 and C809 are better than those.

Disclaimer: Again, this is my opinion. I am NOT attempting to tell anyone else what they should like or what they should think. My Opinion, based on actual listening experience.

Thank you and have a good day.

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