Front and Center speakers


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Dec 4, 2009

I have Yamaha HTR3066 which is a 5.1 AVR. I am planning to upgrade my fronts and center channel speakers are those are used most of the times in a day to day TV viewing. I was eyeing Taga Harmony 606 SE speaker system but its out of stock everywhere. My next best option is to pick fronts and center and then continue with the current surrounds from Yamaha (Packaged with YHT 2099) with packaged active subwoofer.

My budget is around 25K for fronts + center and most of my usage will be movies having DTS and Dolby content. Which should I go for given my limited budget?
25k is not going to get you a lot. I'd ask if you push to something like 40K for your front main speakers. Something like a JBL Stage A170. Its not too hard to drive or power these speakers, which matters as you are going to be driving it with a budget end AV receiver. If money is tight, take it slow. Don't be in a hurry and buy the cheapest product on the market.
If you are open to used deals, there are KEF Q150 bookshelf speakers on sale in our forum and they are within your range. I'm using KEF Q150s myself and they have great sound and image very well. With such imaging, youu can get away without center for a while. I've used them previously with Yamaha and now with Marantz. They are very good.
Hi, my suggestion is that you can go for used one. One of my office colleague has 5.0 Jemo concert series Towers C457, C450 center and dipole surround system and he is looking to get it off. They belong to era when Jamo quality was top notch (not like todays Jamo) are in mint condition (9.5/10). PM if interested.
You can check this link for review about the speakers:
Update: Got Mission LX2 fronts and I am thoroughly satisfied. HiFiMart packaged it very very well and delivered in 4 days.

My AVR - Yamaha HTR3066 has no issues running these speakers and now the itch to get Mission LX-C center channel has begun :)
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