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Sep 25, 2008
can anyone please let me know where to find a good repair shop for AV Recievers in delhi/NCR. i have got sound mute problam in thomson AV reciever. it just plays good for 30 seconds then mutes for 1 sec . and again dame is repeated. i got it repaired once in delhi and 3 months back and problam solved but in 2 months it came back again. funny thing is the service guy just gives warrenty of repair for one month only and doesnt tell what he repaired in the system. he took only 20 minutes to repair it. now again it is just lying on the table with floor stands. please help me out guys.
i remember having similar issues with my NAD 325 BEE amps which used to play for a while and then go all silent...i spent many agonizing moments trying to figure out what was wrong...till i just let the amp be with the power on ...and then after about 5 to 10 minutes of silence they sprang back to life again.....after that thankfully the amps have been playing without any hitches ...
most forum members who responded to my SOS (which you may find buried deep inside hifi vision) were of the opinion that it was some circuit protection system kicking in....and that the main culprit was intemperate voltage...

i am not so sure if your problem is the same that i have faced.... but whatever the case maybe LAKOZY which looks after NAD distribution in India wasn't part of the solution as some who had similar issues revealed to me....

the reason i have responded to your post is to empathize with your predicament and join in your search for shops that have a good record of repairing equipments which we have come to cherish so much over the years....
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Anybody has any idea regarding good repair shops in Kolkata where you can get a lens changed from an HTIB. My brother enquired regarding this and I thought that many people in this forum would be of help. Btw the unit is DAV S 300 (an HTIB) and pretty old one at that. He probably wants the lens changed as the unit is not reading DVDs properly.

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