Google Squared for product searches


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Apr 1, 2009
Hi all,

I am sure that most of us run into the problem of wanting to do comparison searches each time we see a new product or want to see a product and figure out how it stacks up wrt something similar. Yes, we scour through forums and manufacturer websites and comparison websites and hope to find the answer. I found a relatively easy-to-use 1-step answer today - Google Squared.

For example, you want to list out different 42" Plasma TV's - type that in as a search term - and bingo, you get a page that looks like a large Excel sheet, with the products lined up and different characteristics against each product row. The result can even be exported as a spreadsheet, if you like. Each of the cells typically contains an entry from a website, that pertains to the product / item in column 1. You can add columns (ex. add "backlit panel" or "surround speakers") or add items to the search results that have not yet shown up, or remove irrelevant data columns / rows (ex. remove "diagonal size" almost all 42" TV's have the same size diagonal). Try it out, to me it seemed like quite an easy and efficient way to shortlist and compare several products. You can always make the search more specific as you go along!

Cons: The results are mostly from US based websites, and may NOT be from the most relevant sites - but this is a good beginning. A lot of the results look similar to what Froogle used to produce (if any of you remember that particular Google Labs product), and sometimes results can be all over the place - but again, this is a great start and it offers some degree of control over the search results to the user. Also it is new and is getting better.

Do try it and let me know how useful it was to you all.

Once they add India to the list it will be awesome, but even then US is a mature online market whereas in India we hardly find prices online, so this will become powerful tool once we have a mature market in India
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