Has anyone bought these Favi or optoma pocket projectors?

FAVI PJM-1000, is one of the smallest projector created.It has 640*480 resolution.Packed with removable stand, lithium battery that lasts for about 50 minutes. with this you can connect your PC, Camera,Video recorder,DVD Player, cell phones and much more, so in my openion that will be the perfect match for your room and compatible with your need. you can get it in a very low price that is 16K or 200$.
About these pocket projectors, i think there can not be serious movie viewing and i doubt their quality level in comparison to the normal projectors but if any of them are branded available then it would add better creditintals to it.

I have a hand held projector mounted on the ceiling, with a 30,000 hours bulb life of lg brand, i am using it for more then 10 hours a day, but this is mainly for watching live data, but i understand that they are okay for movies also especially if one compares to the pocket projector, but then the cost difference is high as the hand held projector costs about Rs.42,000/-, but maybe it is worth it as the bulb life is much larger then the pocket projector.

I think one should consider this pocket projector only if there is a full fledged demo available, which will be possible soon as there are people who have got into imports for sale to end users.

Hi Vinay,
You seem to have gained expertise in making HTs. I am an L board in this field, and want to gather more info and build one myself. I was checking out at the projector from ebay.in
there is a Delhi manufacturer who is selling at 27k which is latest LED projector and also has tv tuner.
Do you recommend this one for decent home cinema purpose.
You may check out this one at eBay India - Online Shopping Mall: Free Auctions, Shop/Buy/Sell Mobiles, Cameras, Apparel, Computers, Bollywood Clothes & Indian Products
He is the only seller of LED projector in India.
Please reply, I will be needing your help every step of the way, please do reply.
Thanks in advance.
Hello Ravi,

We all are trying to gain experience and there is nothing like a first hand one or what we hear from others.

As said earlier to buy these kind of projectors is not good in long run and within no time one will loose interest, please go through so many threads which are based on home theatre viewing so that you can get a clear idea and moreover to have a good movie viewing experience there are many things which makes the fire work, like the quality of movie, screen, speakers, etc.

Have seen an OPTOMA being used in a rural promotion by an FMCG.

The ambient light was high so the picture was pretty grainy.
But demonstrator swore by it thanks to the portability.
his remark was " If only the screen also came this small "
i brought 4 led projectors from china.final bill was around 13000 including customs duty.its very good for basic tv/ gaming. comes with built in usb/sd/speaker.very good for that price.same item is being sold for 25000 in ebay. any one interested give me a mail, i will help you
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