HD VMD: The HD Video format to go for!


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Feb 6, 2007

I have been waiting for many years for the industry to decide on the HD formats. The HD-DVD/ Blu Ray combo players are expensive and not functionally complete. Suddenly we have a new ray of hope. To hell with the HD-DVD and Bly Ray disks, HD VMD seems to meet all my requirements at lett than 20% of the cost. They even have HD content in Tamil and Hindi in their catalog.

Check it out!

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Bollywood Goes High Def With HD VMD
Three-way: Blu-ray and HD DVD, Meet $150 HD VMD ML622S
PC World - HD VMD to Battle Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD
NME - New Medium Enterprises - HD VMD, High Definition Players and Movies

I'm eagerly, waiting for the release...

Is this format dead ?

Indian standard is going to be HD-VMD or Blu Ray?
Since Sawariya is out on Blu and i think sony with all its money and power wont let HD-VMD survive.

Although there is an advantage to Blu since it also has lossless audio.

Well well what do we have here ??:p another newbie in the business !! when do these guys give a break ? :rolleyes:

Though the prices are very attractive I doubt the longevity of this format !! I don't know how many of you have heard or know bout the similar format called FMD or fluorescent multilayer disc,it looked like a regular cd with no coating (transparent ) and could hold upto 10 times data compared to the dvd,this was offcourse the time when there was no HD-DVD or Blueray !! but as always it never got into dominating position inspite of its obvious advantage or atleast co-exist with DVD !!

Only time will tell the story of this new format !!

Good to read though that people are busy trying their best to take our hard earned money ;) !

Sharad good one buddy !!

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