Headphones around Rs.5K ($100)


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Aug 29, 2009
Hi, first of all I want to say this is a great forum guys all thanks to you all :)

I want to buy a set of headphones around Rs.5k budget. I don't mind extending provided I'm convinced by the sound myself!!!

What I want it for...
1. Music (2 to 3 hours) - 60% of my listening time
2. Movies - 25% of my listening time
3. Games (PC) - 15% of my listening time

Limitations for purchase...
- Closed type headphones only as I don't want sound to leak out
- Headphones around the ear preferable e.g.Sennheiser HD280Pro's rather than Cresyn HP500 On-ear ones. On-ear types always bring pressure on the ears
- Portability not an issue, the headphones will sit near my comp always
- Of course the budget

Now the problem is whenever I try to go to shops to listen to headphones, they generally don't havedemo pieces to listen to! How can I spend Rs.5k or more and not listen to what I'm buying. I would like to listen to them before buying atleast. As you guys would agree that sound is quite a subjective factor and especially when you are talking of headphones that need to be comfortable.

What I've heard...
AKG - JBL Atria Mall
512 - Rs.3000 - comfortable, but not that a good sound as 518...around the ear type
518 - Rs.5000 - very nice sound, but not that comfortable...on ear type

Imagine - Atria
Denon AH-P372 - Rs.5k - Good sound, but not comfortable for prolonged use
Available for Rs.3324 on Home18 shopping...go figure!!
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Denon AH-D501 - Rs.5k
Denon AH-D1001 - Rs.9k

Lakozy Chowpatty
HD 201 - under 3k i think, good design but not that nice a sound
HD 485 - Rs.5000 - very nice sound, but open-type and therefore leaks sound
They dont have the HD555 Rs.7000 or HD280Pro's for demoing

Rhythm House
Philips HP8500 - Rs.1699 - Very comfortable fit but not worth the price esp since Cresyn is for a lil more and much better sound
Cresyn HP500 - Rs.2000 - Very nice sound, but not that comfortable for prolonged use
Koss UR40 - 4080 - no demo available at Rhythm house
Koss TD85 - 5100 - no demo available at Rhythm house

From a friend back in 2004
Koss Porta Pro - Rs.4000 - Excellent sound but again on ear type and sound leaks out

Can you guys suggest...
1. What I shud go for, seeing my usage
2. Can I get a demo somewhere, from a shop? dealer? or from you if you are in mumbai and have the time?

Much thanks in advance :)
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