Hello Everyone ...


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Apr 20, 2009

I am not entirely new to this forum.. been following it for a few months...i am avid HT fan and i have meagre HT setup at home and a huge collection of DVDs to boot..... I am looking for an upgrade to my current system ... it is a very basic AVR- Onkyo 304E and the speakers package that came with it... I have removed my Fr Speakers and added Wharfedale 8.3 FS .. but still i have a long way to go... hope i find all my answers here to get to my final destination in HT ...

Hey guys... need some advice on some upgrade purchases....i think its high time i bid gud bye to my onkyo 3100 and look for something better .... i would start with a gud AVR..... since i already have wharfedale 8.3 FS i can slowly get the rest of the pack... the problem is i have moved into a new place and the room decicated for my HT is rather small compared to my previous place.... and i feel the FS sound a little boomier....so i thought i would get some BS and a better AVR and then build myself a stereo system around the Wharfesss. Please do let me know wat are my options within 40K for an AVR .. and also if i can exchange my current setup and if yes where ....

Thanks in advance for all replies.
and by the way... my usage would be 70% movies and 30% music.... and i am sure in the near future i would go the HD way


Since you are interested in HD decoding, and usage is 70% mostly then Yamaha rx-v663(award winner) will be a good choice.

I can understand what you feel about you floorstanders in a small room. My suggestion would be do move the floorstanders to rears and go for bookshelfs in the fronts. Before the other members start jumping on me for this suggestion, let me say that i have tried this at my friend's place.

Having a floor stander at the rear at 45 degree to your position, when you are seated in the couch, gives great sound effect. Just my thought. You can experiment this with your current set up too and decide. But you should make sure that rear speakers are kept at lower volumes than the fronts(book shelfs). In this way you can make use of your current floor standers too.

Thanks for the reply prakash.. I tried as you said but when the level was reduced on FS (when kept as rear surround) it still had a boomy effect.... how much is the yam AVR?? how about onkyo 606?? which among these 2 would be better ??
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