hello from bhuvan

thanks unleash_me
learning to walk the tight rope between sound v/s aesthetics v/s price.
i really wish this (and similar) websites had an rss feed (or do they?).
it's a real pain to actually find the top 1/3 of the screen to be totally useless with each page view.

Hey welcome aboard ! have a crusing time here !

Please share your current set-up or the one you may be looking to buy !! whats your music tastes like etc etc !!

Also if already own a system,be sure post the snaps in the Show Us thread !

warm welcome to this wonderful forum..!

bhuvan....just curious,are the basics of audio added to your knowledge base ?

frequency bands thread is waiting for you at general chit chat section..!

soundsgreat, kaushik, unleash_me,
thanks for the welcome :)

btw, i'm still in a "read, learn and hear" kind of situation about the electronics and speakers.

audio is higher on my "wish list" than home video. i'd rather wait for the hd dust to settle down and wait for the hd broadcasts and hd movies to be freely available in india before plunge into video.

so far i've visited avexcellence (pune), la-kozy (bombay), avi (bombay and delhi) to audition various brands. based on my "experience" so far my initial short lists consists of brands like nad, ca, rotel, psb, b&w. also planning to visit soundnvision (pune) to check out the cyrus range.

integrated combined with bookshelves is what i'm currently researching. who know i might end up with pre, power and floor-standers combo instead!

feel free to share any gyan you might have on the above.
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You are definitely on the right path; the more you research and audition, the better you will be able to put together a system that best matches your preferences.

Few things that might help direct the suggestions could be,

-Budget (with stretch :rolleyes:)
-Music Genre
-Listening area
-Components short listed

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