hello needed suggestion

projit sarkar

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Feb 17, 2009
hello everbody. looking to buy a good speakers with amp. only for music. has been listening to Uranus 2 for last 5 yrs .Room is around 150sqft. Budget 20k-25k .please suggest
Do you have any possible combinations in mind?
You could consider Sonodyne again.
Or Norge amp + bookshelves.
Or Wharfedale Diamond 9.1/Mordaunt Short 902i with Cambridge Audio 340 amp. This would stretch to around 30K.
Or Norge/Sonodyne amp + spkrs for around 15K
Hi Projit,

Does your budget include also a CD player?

Alternatively, What will be your music source? A CD player or something else?
Hi Projit,
I am not an expert of all the brands that is available. Shuvc has already suggested a few brands and also indicated some prices. Let me also include a few more amps (however, I am not sure about their prices)

Amps: Nad c315bee, Marantz PM 4001
I think they are around 15K. But I may be wrong.

If you pair any of these amps (Plus the ones mentioned by Shuvc) with the Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 speakers (around 11K), you will have a reasonable system. Then after a few months, if you can add a similar CD player, it will be excellent.

I think SKS Traders in Padmapukur on the Lansdowne Rd has stopped being a dealer of Nad. But Digital Acoustics at 16 F Dover Lane keeps Nad.
Shuvc, Can you tell Projit where Marantz can be found in Kolkata.

Projit, try to audition the equipments before you buy. Search around in this forum. There are other threads where people are discussing products in your budget. Try to find where you can find and audition Norge amps in Kolkata. For the price, according to reports in this forum, they are also very good.
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