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Jun 9, 2009
Hi there. Its been a while since I've joined a new forum, and for once, I dont see any familiar faces here at all. I go by the same nick at a few other indian forums. If anybody I know is here, do give a shout!

I come from a long line of music lovers, not necessarily audiophiles.
My dad reportedly spent his first salary on buying a panasonic 'deck' - a stereo with seperate speakers, which I still take care of, and keep running to this very day. This old lady got me interested in electronics, passed out as an electronics engineer a few years ago. Wanted to build the best stereos and speakers, but unfortunately, the life we wish for is usually not the life we get. I guess I had the most fun while i was in college. I was present more in thakaraparamb ( trivandrum folks will know this place) , and by the end of 2nd year, had assembled an amp and speakers, and flunked circuit theory royally, while topping circuits lab.
A few years , a few back papers and some amps and speakers later, figured that The stuff i made, while competent, was not terribly good, and certainly not good enough to earn me a living .

So figured I'd stop swimming against the stream, and join the swelling ranks of the IT folk like the rest of my generation. Figured, work for some other master for 5 days, and be my own master for the rest of the week. nobody was gonna pay me to have fun, after all.So that brings me to where I am now.

My PC, a few good cans and earbuds(bought with my first salary, in keeping with family tradition :D), and my car stereo keep me company these days.I still do have the speakers I made, but folks won't let me play them out loud. And so trawling the interweb is what i do mostly, as i am now. Not exactly rich enough to buy the stuff of my dreams, nor poor enough to say that i can't, and lately, too lazy to make them myself.

Well. I better get my foot out of my mouth, and end with another big HELLO!



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Oct 28, 2008
Welcome. Hope to see more of you. Do share about what you listen to in music and any other hobbies. We have lots of DIY guys here...