help build home theater sound system for 4 lacs including avr

Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 & 12.2 Speakers


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Apr 6, 2021
hello everyone,

I'm planning to build a home theater for my penthouse, i already brought epson 9400 for display. I'm looking for speakers to match it. mind you the space isn't a dedicated room( not going to get acoustics treatment) but the floor space falls in large room category in HT setups. i was looking into elac debut f6.2 series for an 5.2.4 setup, i happen to audition them and I was really impressed by them. it would be really helpful

1)if someone can give me alternatives options which i should look into for the speakers?
2) what subs should I look into with a price of around 40 to 50k each for the subs? i was looking into two 10 inch subs as two 12inch subs will be out of my budget
3)and for the avr i was looking into denon 4700h and marantz 6015, both the avrs has simalar specs but denon seem to have extra 15 watts of power for an extra 20k or should i get the marantz 6015 and an amp for that extra 20k instead? i quick reply will be much appreciated.

thank you