Help in AVR+2.0 (Need opinion from experts)


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Aug 13, 2009
Hi All,

I have been passive member of this form and I reached here while searching reviews in order to setup my HTIB. (Now the things has changed and I am planning to setup a AVR+2.0 and extand latter on ....all thanks to experts of form.)

I want suggestions from the form experts on the following points:
FYI....My Room size is 11x13 Ft. and ......Movie + Music is 50:50
My budget is 70k+....but if I like anything very good I can hike my budget.
(Break up is 40 for AVR and 30 for FS)

1. AVR: earlier I was planning to buy a good AVR like Denon 1910 but It is not much good as per the reviews comment here...plz suggest is it ok? I am planning to bring this from US....but what to do with voltage conversion?
Dont know for which one should I go now? Yamaha 663? OR any other plzz Suggest?

2. Must is FS pair as 2.0.....dont know why I am passionate on FS.

3. Subwoofer: Please tell me as my room size is not much big is this required?

Please help me............thanks in advance.

Yamaha 663 is available in USA (Amazon) at $400, get that and get a good quality 2.0/5.1 with rest of your budget. Mission, Wharfedale are some of the FSs you can audition.
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