Help in choosing LCD TV


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Jun 9, 2009
Hello Gurus and Experts,

I am a newbie to this forum as well as the fascinating world of A/V gizmos.

I have recently purchased a house and am planning to purchase a new LCD TV when I move in.

I will be grateful if all of you can assist me in coming to a good decision.

The important points for me are:

1. Size: 46/47 inches: The viewing distance is around 13-14 feet, but my budget doesn't permit anything larger I guess.
2. Budget: Around 90k
3. Type: LCD with CCFL or LED.
4. USB: Need to have atleast 1 USB input so that I can watch movies, songs etc directly from my pen drive
5. 3 or more HDMI ports: So that I can connect my DVD player, Camcorder (both HD) and Wii console
6. Games: Ability to connect my Wii console and play games without lag or jerkiness
7. Sound: Decent enough audio quality since I havent determined if I will have the money left over to buy a good HT setup.
8. Connectivity: Able to connect directly from my Laptop and external hard drive and play movies from there
9. SD handling: Last but not the least, since majority of our TV watching will consist of cable/DTH, need decent SD capabilities. (need help on choosing a good DTH/Cable package but I guess thats a topic for a new thread :p)

Thanks in advance for your help people!!
Well, yes I did. In fact that was the first thing I did when I joined the forum :).
There were a number of posts with queries on LCD TVs but the criteria that the posters had were different from mine.
I did receive a wealth of info about LCD TVs in general but would have appreciated some words of advice specific to my scenario from the experts.

I am newbie here too and kinda have the same requirements and am ok to go for the 42" models... any help wud be appreciated.
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