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Jul 16, 2008
Hi guys,

I have Denon AVR1508 + Boston MS8000S hometheatre speakers. I bought this in dubai and I tested it several times and i didnt face any problem at all..Last month i brought it to chennai and after 2-3 days my speaker start producing cracking noise when heavy bass is being output and sometimes high blasting noise also...I get this problem in Dolby D and with MP3 files but DTS is fine....I contacted PROFX chennai, they said they wont do servicing because it was not purchased from them, even i m ready to pay they are totally careless.....Does any of u know reliable service center for denon in chennai...If so pls give me the information...

The thing you are referring to may also be because of the impedance problem !! please check the impedance of the speakers ! also check the wiring properly !

If the speakers are of 4Ohms then that could pose a threat as most of the Newgen AVRs have minimum 6Ohm requirement !! Also the problem is most likely on a high volume level then normal, right ?? you say DTS its not but it could be in one such DTS ! is it in all DTS discs ? if so how many you checked it with ??

Please do let Us know for the appropriate suggestions !!

Hey sounds gr8 thanks for the rep...I hav 8ohms spk and my spkrs comply to the req of reciever. Bcos i bought this as a package and def the dealers in dubai wudnt mess up with spec...also my spk connections are also good...I have two movies which has both dolby and dts sound tracks....whenver i face prob with dolby d...i used to play these movies in dts for a quite an hour and then switch to dolby d....but i hav other few mov in dolby d only....also if i play dolby 2 channel movies, Dolby PLII is fine but DTS NEO produce the problem...really i m not able to fig out the prob...sometimes there is no prob at all....but suddenly i get these problems.....even in low volume i can hear cracking noise if i move my ears to the spkrs and listen.......

I just thought ! hence asked,The problem now that you've elaborated is hinting two things !

1.The volume control needs to be cleaned and check for any dry solders in the PCB (Due to the heat of regular usage over the years)
2.The speakers have developed a problem from the inside ! could be the crossover to the driver wires or some other thing !

So I'd suggest you to do the following !

1.Barrow a pair of speakers from a friend or neighbor and test it with the AVR ! this will tell you whether the AVR thats causing the problem or the otherway around !
2. Once through with that,If you are sure that its the Amp thats the defective one,then either you can take it to the service center or try to clean the contacts of the volume control by using the "Contact Cleaner" thats available in Radio Market (since you are in chennai) ! Please try this only of you are familiar with the Stuff ! or else don't open !

So I think thats how you should proceed in the current scenario !!

agree with soundsgreat, crackling sound may be due to carbon in connections and when you are using the controls it is causing that to happen

speakers can give cracking noise when -

Bass is too high, incorrect connections, phases are not proper, ohm selection is not proper also at times some speakers do not have that good pairing or matching with an av amp,also if the mp3 track is not proper and you have improper highs and lows in the track

as soundsgreat has said, you should test out with a different set of speakers

i will also recommend to check the speakers physically, lot of time if the cone starts to degrade the issue can come up, also check for an fungus infection on the outer sides of the cones of the speaker ,

reduce the bass and check the sound output, try with a simple audio cd and see if a similar issue occurs, also check on the mp3 player or input device if yo have bass boost or any other such option enabled ..
Hey guys thanks for rep....My reciever & speakers r not old...cos i bought this by Dec'07....and i also i hav pair of sony speakers from my previous audio is 6ohm imp and dono the wattage..but it is pretty bigger and has got two woofers and tweeters...i connected this spk as my front(L&R) but had the same problem...or do u want me to try connecting only this sony spk...and also i m not expert in opening the system so i dono how to clean the volume the way do u know any service center other than this profx...but it must be reliable one...I m afraid whether they wil replace any other component or it possible??

another thing for ur thought....if I play dolby d movies in direct mode i hav problems...but at the same time if play mp3 in direct mode i dont hav any noise problem...but it plays only front L& wat do u guys say???

Ok ! I'd say try that ! connect only the Sony speaker and try ! remove everything but the Sony ! if the problems persists then no other choice but to head for the service !!

In chennai there's Torvin ! they are the biggest service center for all the brands in the entire tamilnadu ! so check with them Am 100% sure they'll service it for you ! they are located in mount roads Radio Market,Seliyamma koil street !

ok i wil try with sony only and how abt this torvin..r they reliable meaning whether they will replace some other parts or not?? cos i dont want to fall into another prob tomorrow....
I did some research and I elobrate my problem as follows:

Scenario 1:
DVD Player - Dolby D: PCM

If I switch off my speakers except Front(L&R) the sound is good and I dont hear any cracking / blasting noise from my speakers and both DOLBY PLII & DTS NEO works fine. - No Problem.

If I switch on my Center spk with Front(L&R) then DOLBY PLII works but DTS NEO doesnt work(No sound)

If I switch on all my spks then even in DOLBY PLII I hear blasting sound from my surround spks.

Scenario 2:
DVD Player - Dolby D: Bitstream

Even if i switch on Front spks alone or all the spks, I hear mild cracking sound.

So gurus, Please tell me where is the problem and anybody has come across this kind of situation. Please

Hmm its getting better and better :p !!

Good that you've tried this ! the results are quite surprising !

Anyhow the problem is very peculiar, The dvd player is connected to the AVR through Optical or Co-Axial ?? please let Us know ! alternatively if its through Optical then try the Co-Axial or Vice-Versa ! also if you have another DVD player or can barrow one please try that aswell !

Please do let Us know what happens !

Hi everyone,

I am very to happy inform u dat my problem got solved. The actual problem was, I kept the subwoofer just next to the Reciever and so the magnetic field wud hav affected the circuit, I think so....Just like dat, I moved my subwoofer and kept away from the reciever and switched on the system, no noise nothing...its crystal clear...everything works fine....anyway thanks for ur support as well....
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