HELP needed in setting up Home Theatre System


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May 5, 2009
Just joined this forum a few minutes back. This is Suman from Kolkata. I was going through different threads of this forum for past 2 weeks and was quite impressed with the valuable informations shared. Last, I decided to join, hoping to get some help in setting up my HT system at my home.
Guys, I am a bit confused in selecting the AV Receiver & Speaker. I got a Samsung Full HD LCD. For past 2 weeks I was auditioning some AV Receiver & Speakers as follows...
1. Cambridge Audio 540R V3 Receiver & Wharfedale Speakers(Floorstanding 9.5, Centre 9CS, Surround 9 DFS & Sub SW150).
2. Yamaha RX V 463 Receiver & Sonodyne genie 2 speaker system.
3. Denon 1909 Receiver & Polk Audio TSi speaker series.

My room is of 140 sq. ft. But I want a very good set of Receiver & Speaker with incredible clarity, depth & all...My budget is around 1 Lakh for speakers & receiver. Also please suggest on the DVD player. I heard Appo is the best.
Please help me out as I am confused & lost in this market.

Thanks in advance.

Try auditioning Yamaha 663 with wharfedales[Floorstanding 9.5, Centre 9CS, Surround 9 DFS & Sub SW150].

You can also try auditioning Tannoy speakers with Yamah 663.

Hi Prakas,

Thanks for your reply. Since, I am from Kolkata, there is no such place(known to me) where Yamaha 663 and Wharfedales can be heard together.
Same case with Tannoy.
Anyway, is Yamaha 663 capable of video upscaling to 1080p.
PLease suggest.

Thank you.
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