Help needed on buying dodgy C&E HDMI cable listing on Amazon


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Sep 17, 2010
Vijayangar, Bangalore
Hi All

My 50 feet HDMI cable the connector end to the output of my receiver. I just hope the output port of the receiver is fine. Will check it tomorrow morning.

So I thought I will go ahead and buy a new cable within a budget since I have a 1080p projector and dont want to spend getting the latest 4K compatible ones. Seems the broken HDMI cable may be repairable

Searching for HDMI cables on Amazon gave me a big list and when I sorted by price, there are too many listings of C&E cables. Many without reviews. Those with reviews of 4 stars have prices around the 3K range. But they do have some pink and blue colored ends listed for around 2500 with 45% off coupon that caught my attention.

I find the list of these two types of cables to be dodgy coz:
(a) The item header says 18 gbps and but in details down the page it is 15 gbps
(b) Header says 24AWG but listing says 30 AWG
(c) Also why do these two colors only cable have no reviews? Other C&E ones have reviews
(d) I did google both the Item model number and ASIN and it got no results other than the Amazon listing. Normally I would assume if I google the SKU I should get listings from other websites.
(e) Also where are there so many C&E listing for HDMI cables with 18gbps capacity? are people avoiding these blue and pink ones due to their color and hence no reviews? doesnt make sense
(f) The cable that broke is an Amazon basics and hence dont want to buy another of same brand the blue rigger ones are way costlier

Would like to hear your views before making a decision as 2400 minus 45% seems like a good deal for a 50 feet 4K cable. I am running this from a 1080P AVR to a cheap Chinese 1080p Projector.

The below one although not mentioned as 18gbps and 24 AWG is cheaper and has 4 star ratings.
Just to update, I did end up ordering one of the discounted C&E ones and it seems to work fine. I did google to find out how to check if its 10 gbps or 18gbps...websites say there is no such mechanism. Since I only use 1080p....for me its not really that relevant anyways.
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