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Help needed on Europe 5A/16A 3 Pin plug socket


Active Member
Sep 17, 2010
Vijayangar, Bangalore
Hi..I am taking my mom on a Europe trip next month. Have been to most parts of Europe but never experienced this issue before. Hence any help will be greatly appreciated. A simple universal female to two pin Europe/even Indian male will suffice for most of our Indian gadgets to work in Europe. However I have never tried plugging in a 5A/15A 3 pin appliance from India to Europe and need help.

I have 4-5 pieces of below brought from various sources. As described above..good enough for small gadgets like mobile chargers, laptop power cable....etc. Last month I used this on my Panasonic rice cooker in Thailand and it worked without any issue.

Now my question is for the below mentioned appliance which got delivered today. Will above cheap and simple adapter be ok for this electrical cooker as well? while i have no doubt that it will work - because it has no grounding...will it lead to any issue including power tripping/short circuit/shocks in Europe? To be safe, given my mom will be cooking - what kind of power adapter should I buy? I see plenty of adapters on amazon and flipkart including MX ones but they are not very clear if they are ok to use with 5A appliances. The MX one has bad reviews on earthing part.

My new cooker for which I need help is (given its a indian three pin) :

dont want to spend another 1K+ only on the plug.

Few which I can buy :